If for any reason (conscience, health, etc.) you are uncomfortable attending an in-person worship service, we encourage you to stay home and tune in to the livestream at

Prepare | Before you Come

We  allow those who come to our worship services to choose the level of protection they are comfortable with.

Plan to be patient and gracious with one another. Don’t assume your preferences are the same as everyone else’s! (Romans 14:13)

Plan, pray, and prepare your family before Sunday morning. Let the children know what you expect from them. Our Generations of Grace will be available should they want to be part of the children's ministry time.

Please do not come if you are sick, are in contact with someone who is sick, or are considered high risk.

Please be mindful of social distancing norms: six feet apart, avoid touching, avoid sharing/passing items, etc.

Face coverings are welcome but optional. (Please be patient with one another’s preferences).

Please wear recently cleaned clothing to the worship service.

Please use the restroom at home before coming to the worship service to limit restroom use at HCC. Restrooms in the Family Center and by the Office will be available and sanitized before each service.

Prepare | When you Arrive

Hand Sanitizer
We have set up hand sanitizer stations all over campus and will have bottles of hand sanitizer at the park for you to use. 

Communion will be in a sealed cup with the bread sealed on top. It will be handed out as you come by the Welcome Center.

There will be two offering boxes  for your free will offering at the entrance way as you leave . You can also continue to give online at , through Church Center App, or send gifts in the mail to Hickman Community Church, P.O. Box 98, Hickman CA 95323.

Families with Children
If you have children, we encourage you to provide supervision at all times before, during, and after the worship service. 

It is our desire to see that we do everything we can to make our gatherings as inviting and safe as possible, so people feel comfortable to worship the Lord together. 

May we come together with worshipful hearts and minds ready to give God the glory. May we make much of the Lord Jesus Christ in song, prayer and the preaching of the Word.

We look forward to seeing you all Sunday