A Tale of Two Marriages

A trip to my parent’s house is always a trip down memory lane. It’s the house I grew up in and they have lived there 40 years. This summer I decided to dig up some of the old home movies while we were vacationing there. I didn’t realize that doing so would present us with a vivid lesson on the blessed outcome of a life of integrity- specifically integrity in marriage.

4 Essential Attitudes For Grace Relationships

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5 Essential Mindsets For Grace Relationships

Relationships with others are hard and we need all the help we can get. The gospel provides the grace we need to know the beauty of human relationships the way God intended them to be.

The Defining Marks of A Healthy Church

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Where Do you Find True Satisfaction?

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The Resurrection – Dilemma or Hope?

“The Year Man Becomes Immortal” 2045 This was the title on the cover sheet of the February 21st issue of Time Magazine. This lengthy article written by Lev Grossman described Raymond Kurzweil’s vision of a … Read More

Joy to the World

One of the outstanding marks of the Christmas Season is this idea of joy and happiness! As I was thinking on the pursuit of happiness, it dawned on me that we pursue this joy and … Read More